Complete refurbishment in the area of Playa de San Juan (Alicante)

We reconverted an old-fashioned house in a more diaphanous, functional and modern space. The outcome was a revalue of the house and its accommodation for an optimal renting.


3 months

House size:

70 square meters


2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom


Project development

When starting the project process we focused on studying the background information and the great potential of the property, in order to offer a constructive solution to the distribution problems, according to the different needs of the owner. Our main objective was to convert an obsolete and out dated apartment into a modern and cozy home. For that purpose, we even had to execute a structural rehabilitation whereby the kitchen and the living room ended up in the same space, reproducing the idea of an American kitchen.

In addition, to continue in the same vein, classic woodworking elements were used, such as high skirting, lacquered wood for door openings in the load-bearing wall passages, moulded jambs in the door frames and plinths for the meets of skirting and door jambs.

Regarding the finishings, we focused on maintaining the modern style we had in mind. We carried out a customised woodworking process, using a hardwood lacquered in white. For the floor we used high quality porcelain stoneware which imitates wood. All enclosures were made with PVC windows with SuperLit glass, composed of argon gas, which is used as thermal insulator.


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